The problem with hairstyles these days.

Okay, let’s start off the first post on this blog thing.

The other day, me and Kiwi were talking about hair styles. In particular, the rare ones that aren’t frequently seen. They also happen to be the good ones. Seriously. It’s like there’s an evil coalition preventing the widespread use of certain hairstyles.

"Gentlemen, I propose we kill the Batman. Oh and attractive hairstyles. You thought I forgot."

Now being a viewer of anime as people tend to be, one cannot complain about the craziness of the hair(or the failed attempts to replicate such by cosplayers) but that’s either for here nor there. There are obtainable kinds of hairstyles which are great, moe and fantastic, but are never donned.

One in particular is the side ponytail. A simple hair style of genius invention. Imagine the person who first donned this. You have a normal ponytail, which is moe, and then you have it on the side of your head. Marvellous. I’m not expert when it comes to ponytails(I shouldn’t really be writing about it I guess…) but it doesn’t seem that hard to don. But, I hardly see any around. It hardly seems to be in fashion at all.

Napoleon wouldn't even know what to do with you.

Well I might not be the most fashionable chap around, but I know what I likes. A fashion all to prevailent around me is the ‘bun’. Usually a style reserved for old grouchy governesses and lunch ladies, it’s made a come back from what I can only assume the 19th century. I’m lead to believe it might be possible a comfortable style, but it doesn’t look comfortable at all. Someone try it and please enlighten me.

To lighten the blow, I got a picture where the hair looks better than everything else.

But I digress, hair is great. It’s a great fashion accessory. You just have to use it right. That goes for everyone. It does take a while to dress it up, but if you’re gonna take the time, make sure it’s worth it. Because if not, you’re probably Amy Winehouse.

That last picture was pretty guro, so I'm not gonna subject you to another.

And even if you’re not gonna take the time, there are plently of simple ones aren’t there? Consider the ol’ Ponytail or side Ponytail. Or let it hang loose and free. Loose and free. It’s not necessarily the way to go, but it’s A way to go.

Also, I implore the powers that be to conteract the possible conspiracy that exists behind the hiding of hairstyles. You can make a difference. Make one for the better.

"We really acheieved something here today" "And it's good for the kids too"


4 responses to “The problem with hairstyles these days.

  1. I was gonna try the side ponytail before I cut my hair last month, but then I realized I was in San Francisco and thought I’d be better off waiting til I went to prison. :[

  2. The photos and commentaries are epic.
    I really like how this was written.

    Oh, and I like wearing my hair in a ponytail.Am I moe nao?

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