Beware: Lolis.

Outside my work earlier today, there were some people collecting for the Christchurch Earthquake. Well not for it, more like the reconstruction and aid. With the amount of damage there is, and the “helpfulness” of the New Zealand people, that doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary right? Ha, of course not.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Yeah, this comes up when you Google Image 'Out of the Ordinary'...

Nothing out of the ordinary right? Wrong.

The people who were there collecting were lolis. Adorable, ‘can’t say no to them’ Lolis.

Like this, but with less mosaic and danmaku.

Who could resist? Well I could, but I’d been meaning to give something to the relief thing, so luckily I gave the 90cents loose change I had in my wallet. Their dad that was standing a little way behind them looking at them when a weird, smug look of pride on his face should probably teach them not to act so happy at money and such a small amount of money, less they turn into sugar daddy looker fors.

He'll still be alive when they'll be legal. Does anyone know when he'll die? Cos I think he's immortal. Damn.

But using lolis to raise money for charity? Who could resist the allure? You? Hmm.


Also, on a more serious note, I find auctioning things off in the name of charity incredibly stupid.


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