Serious Post: The difference between the Tohoku and Christchurch earthquakes.

As we all know, Mother Nature is probably on the rag or something, and PMSing all over the god damn world. Two particular examples recently are the Feburary Christchurch Earthquake and the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Reactor whoops only a few weeks ago. Sure they’re pretty bad as tragedies go, but I noticed, and I’m sure a lot of you did as well, the massive differences in the worldwide reaction to the two events.

Let’s start with Christchurch. Located in New Zealand, where me and other Kiwis come from. It had also suffered a larger earthquake last September, at a scale of 7.1. Luckily, it struck at 4.35am and NO ONE was killed. A large amount of buildings were damaged, either through collapse or underground messing up with. And just as Christchurch looked like it was up and running again with some normalcy, another Earthquake struck, in the middle of the day, with the magnintude of 6.3 and much shallower. The damage was greater and quite a few people died(while not that much on a larger scale, in a country like New Zealand, it’s a big deal)

By the way, this is what major earthquakes do to railway lines. Yeah.

Then we’ve got Japan. As we know, there was a massive magntitude 9 off the eastern coast. And as we all know, Earthquakes can trigger Tsunamis. And has it was a massssssive earthquake, that makes for a masssssive tsunami. Whole towns were swept away like nothing, people missing and/or dead, freezing conditions, low food and water and thousands dead. And the threat of an impending Nuclear bajesus on the horizon.

But despite both being pretty darn bad, the worldwide reactions were pretty damn different. The Christchurch earthquake(I assume) made news all around the world, and was followed by messages of support and of grief. But of course, if you’ve been round the internet, the response to Japanese earthquake had too many “They had it comin”s for any comfort.


"Oh, you just lost everything near and dear to you? Well maybe you shouldn't have been behind Pearl Harbour"

Okay. I’ll be frank and brutally honest here. Me, as a New Zealander, and maybe a few other New Zealanders, kinda don’t like Christchurch/the Canterbury area. The image of a farming, rugby/sheep loving New Zealand kinda comes from there. Add in the reputation of being massive drunks and an international reputation of having a notorious boy racer population and you’ve got a general bad bunch. Nevertheless, it’s, or it was, a fast growing city. And apparently liked by the rest of the country and the world.¬† When the earthquake struck, numerous countries were offering aid and rescue workers, Japan included. Memorial services were held both here and abroad. Which is great. I haven’t heard an negative word about Christchurch since the earthquake.

But when the diaster struck Japan, numerous peoples had negative things to say. I daresay a few of them came from America, but the Japanese itself wasn’t safe from it’s own kind.

  • Good ol Shintaro Ishihara defined the disaster as ‘Divine Punishment’ for the Japanese people allowing Japan to reach such a state of moral deprivity(bearing in mind he wrote rape-exploitive novels in the ’50’s)
  • Sea Shepherd leader Paul Watson, describing the disaster as ‘Divine Retribution’ with the subtlety of a Michael Bay movie.
  • The 29% of USA(albeit the crazy Evangelical kind) who also think that the Quake was divine retribution against Japan.
  • The derps on this,

For some reason, quite a few Americans seem to only relate Japan with Pearl Harbour, and that it’s karmic payback. Hmm. Let me say this, if the people who are saying this actually believe in karmic payback, don’t think you’re the ones who are all good. There’s numerous arguments for this on the net, such as Japan paying back Pearl Harbour with Hiroshima and Nagasaki(which for some reason, doesn’t count toward it at all, and only this tsunami does, and the bombs only count as a ‘score’ toward the 2-0 that America has against Japan), or the massive civilian casualties caused by the Japanese in China throughout WWII. But that doesn’t matter, because a few thousand Americans are worth a lot more than a few million Chinese right?

My point is, you can’t simply put aside your hang ups and momentarily forgive someone when they go through a massive tragedy like Japan as? If you can’t, you’re the monster. You’re disgusting. Yup.

Christchurch gets all the help in the world and nothing but encouragement and support, but Japan, suffering on a much later scale, gets unneeded and mostly undeserved scorn. Come on peoples.

Yup. So long rant. There you go. I probably missed something I wanted to say, but oh well. I’ll get to it later.

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2 responses to “Serious Post: The difference between the Tohoku and Christchurch earthquakes.

  1. Oh yeah. The thing I forgot, Pearl Harbour is mostly irrevelant to Japanese peoples today. Barely anyone today is related to that or shares the same views of the people who particpated in the attack. And the American people who use Pearl Harbour probably don’t have any connection to it. And I do realise that not all Americans are dicks and feel this way. You have my sympathies.

  2. Also, Christchurch used up the world’s supply of chemical toilets after the Feburary earthquake. THANKS A LOT CHRISTCHURCH.

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