Making of the header Part I

Hi. I’m the other Kiwi.  I was supposed to do this like a week ago but didn’t have enough time.  Sucks. But I’ll write more now that I got this out of the way.
I made us a header which you see up there, drew and painted it myself.  It’s Ui Hirasawa, dressed in Alice Carroll’s uniform.  It was supposed to have Alice in Ui’s uniform as well, but I scrapped the sketch, redoing and adding it in later. Maybe.  Or maybe I’ll do something else.

The first sketch I made looked like this

But since it looked more awkward than my usual stuff I decided to redo the whole thing.  After rejecting my fantastic visions of bike shorts, sexy underwear and naked aprons, Moimy came with an idea of drawing Ui in Alice’s uniform and Alice in Ui’s uniform, and since I liked the idea very much I did that. Turned out better than my previous attempt.

I decided to color Ui first, messed with curves & brightness+contrast to make the image a little cleaner

Colored in painter. Mainly used oil pastels, I have yet to make custom brushes although I really should, apparently they’d work so much better.

At this point I had no idea what I’d actually do in the end, so I just experimented with some color, orchid looked pretty good in contrast with the other colors so I left it at this and started thinking about some background.

But since I’m a busy man I couldn’t think of anything great so I painted the first thing that came to mind, fire in the sky. Cropped and rotated the Ui picture and copy pasted it in top the background. Alice would have been placed to the other side of the fire, but oh well.

Here I blended Ui in the background and called it done because I didn’t want to spend another week of my painting time on this, I got lots to learn.


Oh yeah, about spring 2011 annimay, I be possibly watching Moshidora, Hidan no Aria, Ao no Exorcist, Deadman Wonderland, Dog Days & Hanasaku.  Super! Or not. I’ll tell you how much they suck when the time comes.


2 responses to “Making of the header Part I

  1. Sugoiiii da yo ne.

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