Level E


So yeah, I just finished Level E. It was alright. It deserves it’s title as a trolling anime with a trolling lead character. That is to say if trolling is defined as using ones incredible ability not for either good nor evil, but to just annoy the hell out of people for the heck of it. But Level E was fairly inconsistant due to this trolling, which is both a positive and a negative.

As a negative. Level E just seems to jump around too much. It has no definite storyline, even describing it as ‘The mis-adventures of the mischief making Baka-Ouji” would be a stretch. Rather it just jumps around with him taking a main focus, with the exception of episode 10. He is indeed a troll. So much so that he isn’t really a protagonist nor really an antagonist but it confusedly portrayed as both. It’s just this confusion and inconsistancy that make Level E are hard anime to just make settle. Something will just not seem right.

But as a positive. Baka-Ouji is a troll. Indeed. He’s one of the most interesting characters made for a while, albeit a confusing one. But it’s his trollingness which expands to the whole show which leads to the twist and turns and laughs that you wouldn’t expect. Through that in with an interesting enough sci-fi setting, and it’s alright.

I did read the manga alongside watching the anime so that kinda spoiled things for me on both sides. The anime does a good job on cutting down the manga, which is incredibly wordy and has intense, long-winded explanations about it’s psuedo scientific theories about what’s going on. But I would’ve liked to have seen the last chapter of the manga made into episode. It was perfect filler and pretty darn genius.

So is it vital to be watched? Probably not, but it’s pretty good for a random romp. It does provide some funny twist, although it does drag at some places. All in all, pretty damn good.

And hey, it’s a half-hearted review, but it’s the first one, and as you can tell, I didn’t REALLY form an opinion about this one. It was alright.


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