Armageddon Convention, Day One.

Okay, so I was only there for like 2 and a bit hours so I didn’t really do that much, or take that many pictures. All one seems to initally do there is buy the cheap madman manga and get irritated by the lack of movement in the human traffic. Rage. Anyway, so I shouldn’t be too in depth, or have too many pictures.

Armageddon, from above~

So to make sure I was there first,…..I don’t know why I wanted to be first. Maybe I hate the line. Yeah. Fuck that line. Anyway, I got there at 7. That’s…3 hours before it even opened. So basically, no one was there for a while. FIRST.

No line. Completely empty.

Surprisingly, waiting there for three hours wasn’t the worst or longest three hours in my life. I’m a patient person I guess.

So as you saw from the picture above….well the first one, it was pretty crowded inside. And I had to go to work midway through, so I took it easy…after spending $440 on random crap. I had a pretty impressive stash. The bags were cutting into my hand and giving me pins and needles. I got

  • Bakuman volumes 2,3
  • Hellsing volumes 2,3, making it a complete 1-10 set for me. Yay.
  • Natsume Yuujinchou volumes 1-3
  • Biomega volumes 1-2
  • Maria Holic volume 1…yeah.
  • Ouran volumes 15-17
  • Shaman King volume 15
  • Summer Wars DVD
  • Kuuchu Buranko collection
  • Higurashi like…part one.

And these gems.

This one stall had a figure of Sheryl for sale. It reminded me of Kiwi, so I bought it. Here it is.

Kiwi' favourite. And it was $25, I guess. Whoops

So I just opened it before. And this is what it was:

This is how it comes. How...disconcerting.

And after a lot of grunting and pushing, this is the end result;

Admire at your own opinion.

But the real score were these babies,

Awww yeah.

Luckily I was pointed to them by someone. I was glad. Very glad. It wasn’t a decision as to which one to buy, more like ‘I’m buying both’. And the guy who was serving me asked me ‘Who’s your favourite’ to which I replied ‘Ui’. To which he agreed. OF COURSE.

I also went around yelling 'JAKKA JAN!'

So anyway yeah. After a while I just had to sit on the second floor and rest. I took some pictures.

Oh hey look it's Mari-

Oh shit, he sees me! Run!


One response to “Armageddon Convention, Day One.

  1. Mmm Sheryl…

    You got a Gitah!

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