Armageddon Convention, Day 2

Ranka and Sheryl. Yup.

So yeah, Day 2 of the Convention. I was able to stay the whole day this time, but I had an essay to write right after it, so I pulled an all-nighter, and also why this is taking til now to write.

So it was pretty much the same as day 1. Buying shit and stuff yay.

Putting together all the money I spent over the weekend, I spent;

  • $555 on manga
  • $90 on anime
  • $25 on that Sheryl figure
  • $60 on those K-ON guitars
  • $10 on candy
  • $5 to the Japanese Earthquake charity
  • $50 on the Gundam kit

So yeah, quite a bit.

Manga wise, on the second day I got:

  • Fullmetal Alchemist vols,4-8,12-13 and 20-24
  • Biomega vols 4-5
  • Claymore vols 8-10
  • Maria Holic 2-5
  • Shaman King 16-17
  • NANA 15-17
  • GTO vol.4
  • Toriko vol.1

So yeah. I get the feeling I’m forgetting something, but oh well.

Now to the cosplayers. I didn’t take that many pictures, but eh. And some of them are fuzzy. Blame my camera.

And I can’t write after the pictures for some reason. Blame WordPress. Here you have it. I just realised the pictures I took of the Cosplay Contest are fuzzy, so yeah. I’ll list who they are of, and if you want to see them, comment; Trap Ciel, Assassin’s Creed guy, Loli Alice in Wonderland, Knights of Camelot guys, Pacman and the Ghosts and Rapunzel from Tangled.

Random videos from the cosplay contest can be found HERE:


Link. There was a moment while we were in line when a Bumble Bee was attracted by his Ocarina. Spooky.

Sakura! Who also needs a Thank You for helping me pick up my stuff when my bag broke open...

This one was lol. The hammer saying BAN of course, but you don't see the nametag that says 'Administrator'.

Some Fullmetal Alchemist.

Zoids? Who remembers Zoids? Zoids was awesome.

Some Harry Potters. Or whatever.


One response to “Armageddon Convention, Day 2

  1. That’s a lot of money for… stuff.

    Helper Sakura! Always there for you.

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