Armageddon Day 2, Part 2

Because WordPress is being a fucking little bitch, and the pictures keep fusing together or someth shit, I’m posting the rest here. RAGE.

Vocaloid and the random mascot collecting for Japan that I gave $5 to.

Travis Touchdown

Me and ma bud.

Soul Eater. Yup.

Vocaloids. Is it me, or do they look angry?

And the Gundam kit I bought.

THERE. Geesh.


3 responses to “Armageddon Day 2, Part 2

  1. They don’t look angry… the one with the sword is having sort of a shy look, maybe she found you cute.

  2. No, she recognised me from the year before. She cosplayed as the MC from Persona 3, thus I fanboyed.

  3. Aha, you’re so enthustiatic.

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