Hanasaku Iroha Episode 2

Okay. So we get some more development into Ohana. Turns out her mum was totally lazy, thus she had to depend on herself and trust no one. Turning her into a lone wolf. But that never works like that so she just seems like a bitch.

The other story, besides Ohana’s development and discovery that death is bad, is an author who is a guest at the ryokan who’s manuscript has been acidentally thrown out by Ohana, who’s moe/annoying trait is to get everything wrong. In the end, she even gets throwing it away wrong and finds it in a storage bin, not the rubbish bin. Nevertheless, the bullshit sensor should’ve been going off when the author asked his stay to be gratis if the script was not found, or when he didn’t want the police involved. But oh well. They probably were. That’s for the next episode to answer. The end of the episode is a cliffhanger, the rapey kind.

Annnnyway, I don’t like the OP, and here are some screenshots.


Someone please tell me this is an error. Hatsuyuki is just HorribleSubs over again, so fail CR. Or I dunno, maybe that's a delicacy over there...and if they're going to be the side dish, what's going to be the main course?

Like Basketball and....Womens? Basketball...

You know how I get the feeling that the one in the back right is the most moe? She has the most complicated hair.

Awww, agressive passive agressiveness had never been this adorable. Or delicious!


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