C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.

I was really looking forward to this one this season, being directed byKenji Nakamura, the one behind Mononoke and I guess Kuuchuu Buranko. So I thought we were gonna get something pretty good.

Although from the trailers, I got the feeling that it felt a little generic and samey. Nevertheless, I dove right into the first episode.
It starts off with this random guy giving a big ol’ deep philosophical talk about the world they live in, which seems to be different than the real one and seems to revolve around money in a different way than ours. He is challenged to a fight by a desperate man, they summon crazy creatures, yell about how they want money, and the desperate man is dispatched. I didn’t quite get how the battle system worked, or how they get money or anything from it.
Annnnyway, then we switch to obviously the main character. Kimimaro Yoga, who’s a second year University student in Economics. But, he’s poor as hell as he’s paying for University by himself, and has to work multiple jobs on top of studying. Yeah, being a student sucks in general. So, he pretty much can’t go out drinking and has to skimp on food.

And then comes the crazy financial resource manager guy. In a scene right out of Inception, ‘Masakaki’ tries to lure the young man into that weird financial world with, of course, large amounts of money that Kimimaro doesn’t have and thus the financial stability that he so desires. Kimimaro tries to resist, but when he wakes up the next day, he discovers 500,000 yen in his account. He figures he’ll just take a little bit out to go drinking, and WHAM, Masakaki gets him. That 500,000 is merely a deposit. Masakaki offers him the chance for prosperity and moneys in the financial world in return for his ‘future’. That’s right. He’s another Kyubey.


 Then wham, he’s given one of those weird cards, one of those weird monsters, and sent off to the Financial World in the weirdest, rapiest taxis ever.

Okay. Design wise, it seems to draw more on Kuuchuu Buranko. But then again, it just seems so generally lazy. Masakaki seems to be animated with computer CGI, and it annoyingly shows. Another thing that was lazy was the muffling of Masakaki’s voice when he finds he’s withdrawn funds, and his dialogue replaced with writing along the side of the screen. It worked in the beginning of the episode with the English voice talking, but I can’t imagine what they were trying to do in this scene. It just seems lazy, unless it’s some crazy aesthetic reason.
Meanwhile, the OP and ED animations seem to be more in the style of Eden of the East, in particular the OP of Eden of the East, although the Papermation would’ve been good. But yeah, random stuff flying around the screen in the fashion of Eden of the East’s OP. OP “Matoryoshika” by NICO Touches the Walls (FMA:B) and the ED “RPG” by school food punishment (Eden of the East and the following movies).
Voices wise, I could’ve sworn the lead was Mamoru Miyano, in his Setsuna voice. But lo and behold when I look it up, Kouki Uchiyama the seiyuu for Natsuno. Seems I recognised the grumpy, anti-social voice from somewhere.

The pictures.

In the future, Bank workers will look like this.

Note: Don't commit suicide in Japan by jumping in front of a train. They send your family the cleaning bill. Serious.

Backstory GET.

Really? Score-

-Oh that's right. The Kyubey thing.

And Kimimaro gets a kawaii girl as a summon thing. Nice.

It's also Back to the Future.

Goat headed butler. Thanks Umineko.


2 responses to “C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.

  1. Noooo, that girl is not kawaii. She looks like some possessed goat/unicorn.

  2. Kawaii in general. Chillax. You probably cried in the middle of it. I hear you do that.

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