C: The Money of etc etc blah blah.

So, here are with the second episode of C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.


It doesn’t seem to be making a lot of sense. We are bought into the episode with a fight scene, with Yoga taking on some other guy in a battle which I haven’t figured out the battle system for.


Yoga doesn’t seem to get it either. Which leads to random screaming.


And Yoga wins after his weird horny familiar grows some balls and just blasts the other guy out of the park, in a move I’m pretty sure can only be called hax.

And Boom goes the dynamite.

All of the users in the financial world are interested in this rookie. He beat a guy! Also interested is that guy who was introduced at the start of the first episode. He also has some kind of job, which includes money and business. Because who else has lots of money and actually work to earn it?
Well Yoga gets like 30 million yen, but he still works at his part time jobs for some reason. You’d think he could quit. I dunno. But he starts to see Black Money, money that has trickled into the real world via winnings made from this financial world. WHICH seems bullshit, because if that happened anywhere, the national treasury would be in a shitstorm. There’s a reason why treasuries only print a certain amount of money.
And then some gaijin wannabe pays for ONE can of beer with a 10000 yen note. Before I go on with the plot summary, let me present you with this. 10000 yen is 121.892 American dollars. If you’re lucky enough to find a store that sells a single can of beer, you wouldn’t pay for it with a hundred dollar note. There are lesser notes. ‘the fuck?
Anyway, this gaijin wannabe actually gets angry when Yoga gives him a large amount of change (WHAT?) but then that guy who was first introduced comes in and pays the guy to go away. Because I’m sure we’ve all got people who we wish we could pay to stay away.

Anyway, the pictures. Again. More.

I wouldn't want to be told that after waking up by this guy.

Look at how they're sitting. They're just like best buddies.


A normal man shouldn't have this look on his face while watching children play...

Oh yeah, because I paid for one small thing with a massive note, no that's fine. No, I'm going to kick up a fuss because of my own stupidity.

You don't 'need' it....you should just have it.

But overall, the use of CGI is really creeping me out. And the anime seems to have the affliction of noitaminA’s habit of throwing in English for stylish purposes.

Also, I notice a lot of searches for MEZZOFLATION, I looked Mezzo up, and it seems to be only connection to Mezzo Soprano, which means ‘Middle Soprano’. So Middle plus the Flation suffix as in i.e. Inflation. Go figure.


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