Hanasaku Eroha episode 3

Well. Well well well. Hansaku Iroha. Finally we get to some good stuff.
Well continuing on from the last episode, Ohana has been kidnapped, possibly for some good ol rape. She’s tied up in the Japanese Masochistic style, even helping her captor with it(….yeahhhh). But he’s a failure and we get nothing. But wait, what’s that we see? It’s Ohana…in the bath with Chiaki’s bitch character…and the shy waitress….and..they’re going to teach her…damn this is hot. But wait. It’s just Ohana reading the author’s story. What. And then they go on to explain how crappy it is, while everyone watching it was thoroughly enjoying what they were seeing.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, more and more people stumble upon the author’s kidnap room, leading him to think of the prospect of tying some bitches. But then too many bitches arrive, so he is unable to tie all of them.
After it is discovered he’s been playing them all of fools, they hold a band/group meeting, in which the grandma insists the customer is always right(despite being teriffically wrong) which for some reason leads the author to steal their van and run away. When people are giving you a chance, you shouldn’t really push it.
After a wacky chase scene, lol jk there’s no tension in it at all, they even decide the next dinner menu, they go to the beach! Yeah! Beach episode! Oh wait, the author is about to jump off the cliff. He does, but then the shy waitress also jumps. They both die.

Jokes, she’s really good and swimming or something. She pulls him to safety, he starts working at the Inn to pay off his debt while writing a top-seller which would get him lots of moneys and then they all eat dinner at the beach! Yeah! And Bitch Chiaki calls Ohana her new insult which she actually stayed up all night writing and is generally disgusting. Kinda like calling someone a goatse.



Bondage. Yeahhhh.

And here we see the moment when rape becomes consensual sex.

Yeah. Remember, it's consensual now. She wants it.

It's called a 'fetish'.

Well she's already tied up, you don't really have to ask anything...

Confidence. Like a boss.




YESSSSSSSS! AHHH! Wait. Where did her head come from? Exactly!

Now for REAL fanservice, not the dream kind.

Now for some fanservice for the ladies,


Well next episode they’re going to school or something. So that girl with the complicated will be appearing. Yeah.

And kudos to the 70% of you who noticed I changed the name of the anime for this episode. Oh yeah.


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