Azu-meow? Seriously?

Today was a good day. I got new headphones to replace my old broken ones that aren’t annoyingly distractingly coloured, but more importantly, I got volume 2 of the K-ON! manga. But it pretty much ruined my upon reading it. From the title, you can probably tell what I’m going to talk about-They changed AZU-NYAN! to Azu-Meow! for the English release. WHAT THE FUCK.

I can understand taking liberties with some things due to translations, but you don’t mess with the moe in K-ON. You take the moe out of K-ON, and you just have 200 blank pages. DON’T FUCK WITH OUR K-ON MOE. Azu-meow isn’t Moe! And you have like liner/translation notes in the back. Just do that for this. Geesh.
If you start translating that, you might as well rename them as Yolene, Mildred, Rachel, Thelma and Anne. Geesh.
But the New Zealand reference was still in there. NEW ZEALAND WAS IN K-ON. Fuck LOTR, this is the biggest media reference we’ve gotten.


3 responses to “Azu-meow? Seriously?

  1. You tell ’em!
    Oh, Mio is totally Rachel.

  2. I must have read the page three or four times before I realized it didn’t say Azunyan. It definitely seemed off. I just laughed. Azu-meow is still something Yui would say.

  3. I don3 think it’s THAT big a deal. Meow and Nyan mean the same thing. This is the english release right? This is called localization. Of course I would’ve prefered Azu-Nyan myself, but, they kept the rest of the translation spot on, so I can’t really complain about this one thing.

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