C: The Money of the crazy clown Kyubey episode 3

So here we are with another episode of C, with the new female character introduced, Mezzo whatever explained, more derpy animation, and more daddy issues than the residents of the Playboy Mansion.

The episode starts off by fleshing out the character of Jennifer Satou. I’ll start off with the important parts, her moe point is she likes sweet things. Yup. She’s constantly sucking a lollipop. She’s investigating the Financial District on orders from the ‘Organization'(which is shown at the end of the episode to be the International Monetary Organaization) which seems to be worried about the flow of Midas money(the black money) into the real world(EXACTLY the point I pointed out last week) but see a risk in actually trying to stop the flow. They’re also interested in Souichirou Mikuni, who seems to be the ruler of the Financial District in Tokyo(Yeah, they appear in other economical hubs) as well as real life Tokyo. Mikuni seems to be interested in bringing Yoga to his side, and thus, Jennifer is also interested in him.
In a flashback, it shows how Jennifer becomes one of the first in Organization to get access to the Financial District. Masakaki knocks at the door. WHAT IS the point of knocking on the door when you don’t even need the person to open the door get in, and you’re just going to teleport in anyway?

Okay, now onto Yoga’s part of the episode, he goes back to his Aunt’s house, who is presumably his only contactable family. There he goes through the last of his parents things. He finds his dad’s notebook, which is filled with numbers, and SHOKKU, the word MIDAS. Was Yoga’s dad in the Financial District? Turns out yes. After meeting with the Financial District’s information salesman, who has the most bling grills ever yo, with Mikuni, it is told that Yoga’s Dad was a great Entre in the district, but he took a massive loss and was delcared bankrupt. So wham, there went his future and he was found in a park, dead, as a result of hanging himself. Also revealed was that he LOVED the money. Bling bling yo.

Yoga and Mikuni have a man bonding moment as they talk to each other about how they hate their dads. Mikuni has a massive imoutocon as well. Yoga goes on about how his dad was nothing but a money grabber who didn’t care about him or his mother until Mikuni points out that maybe he was getting all that money FOR them. And then he disses Yoga for thinking of money as something that can give himself stability but that doesn’t give happiness to anyone surrounding him, so it’s not the best thing to do. Basically, Mikuni is saying you should spend your money instead of saving it, as it makes more people than yourself happy, which is probably the Government putting messages in yo anime to help boost public spending. Japanese people save like heck y’know. Mikuni is trying to get more of the Midas money into the real world to encourage this, or something. It’s probably going to reflect back to the fact that his family didn’t have enough money to save his sister.

NOW. OKAY. MEZZOFLATION HAS FINALLY BEEN EXPLAINED. My explanation was kinda right. The attacks are -flation attacks, either Macroflation, Mezzoflation or Microflation. Macro is the highest, having to be at least 10million, Mezzo is the middle(MIDDLE? SEE) with at least 1million, and Micro being the lowest with at least 100,000. And we know how the attack money system works, you attach a price to an attack, and if it hits, you make that in profit.

Indeed, Masakaki is like Kyubey. He searches out these people, vunerable or whatever, and offers them a chance in exchange for their ‘future’, which seems to end in people committing suicide when they lose their chance. So who offers a good deal with a downside at the end? Kyubey. He offers them a deal, and then takes their lives. Jennifer was pondering this, what is this strange Midas Bank, strange Masakaki who can offer deals, and what do they do with the ‘futures’ that are betted? Also, what is their plan with surging the real world with thier Midas money? And how did they make this weird magic world of the Financial District, where time stops? Find out in the next episode of C!

Here’s your picture for the week. Thanks Mitz.

Crossover win.


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