C:The Money of ruining your future and taking your kids episode 4.

Okay then. So it’s clear. Masakaki is taking the futures of bankrupt people i.e. Their kids, to fuel a pedophile sex slave ring. Yup.
ANYWAY, after the cliffhanger that was episode 3, we have Yoga fighting his university lecturer. He’s a economics lecturer, so it makes sense right? Well he’s doing it for his family.  He’s got two kids and a third on the way. So he’s got to win right? He can’t go bankrupt right?
Lol, he totally can. Yoga beats him after being caught in a pinch, and selling his ‘stocks’ which Mikuni, who is some kind of kickass powerful God of the place, takes and Yoga wins! Yay! Oh wait. The father lecturer and the tendancy of suicide after going bankrupt. Crap.

But wait! Yoga goes to class the next day, and the lecturer is still there! Alive! I was half expecting him to blow his brains out in front of the class, but nope. Yoga goes on suicide watch, and gets invited back to his lecturers place, maybe do a little something to raise his grades. Wink. Naw.
Probably the creepiest scene in the anime yet, Yoga walks through the house as the ghosts of the children he just destroyed stare at him. Yeah. The lecturer explains he was doing it for his family, as his wife wanted kids but was too stupid to understand that kids cost money (there was quite a bit of passive agressiveness there). His future? His kids. Wham. They’re gone. Only him and Yoga remember the fact that he had kids. They’re just gone. Even the missus doesn’t remember. If that doesn’t make Yoga feel enough like shit, the lecturer asks him why he’s fighting, and Yoga replies with a don’t know. There’s nothing like being told by the guy who just ruined your life that he did it for no real good reason.
I like to think that the lecturer committed suicide, as the last scene we see them in is infront of a train crossing. The whole time he was on-screen I was also searching for implements of suicide. But I guess future episodes might tell.

Then the rest of the episode is devoted to Mikuni. Yoga is in a funk after fucking up his lecturer, so Mikuni…tries? to console him? We’re also introduced to The Starlight Guild, a bunch of Financial District residents who generally kick ass. Mikuni is probably their leader. Then there’s a whole long fight scene between Mikuni and this old guy, who’s stolen some real world money from Mikuni or something. We learn from this fight what has been said all along, that Mikuni is kickass. And money=power levels or some shit. The old guy brings some croonies whom he combines with or some shit and gets lots of moneys. But Mikuni is awesome and losing hardly any money while getting hit by attacks.
Then he just chops the old guy in half. Because he rolls like that. And why does he have that Goat Butler and an Asset? Whatttt.
Then the episode ends with Yoga being like ‘Bitch, I ain’t gonna let any get fucked up anymore. Yeah’. Good end.

Well that’s it. More derpy Masakaki animation, and ENGLISH! I don’t know what’s so stylistic about English. Probably the same as westerners getting Kanji tattoos.


.....The hell? Yeah, this was in C. Thanks gg.

Remember what I said about her being stupid? Yeah because fuck the economical climate and the consequences.

Pregnant women. Apparently necessary for University Lectures.

There! He said it! And yeah, it was sideways.

'RAPE FACE. Just kidding. You're gonna get raped. By me. Masakaki. What was I kidding about? NOTHING.'

*BOOM* *SPLAT* 'Ewwwww'

No, burning to death as a child is incredibly calming and relaxing. Moron.

'Why did you kill us Yoga? Why? Whyyyy?'

Yeah I don't know. If your hopes were up like mine was, the following attack has about as much to do with Pacman as this picture does.


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