Homura Cosplay!

Homura is great. Cosplay is great. So, here’s my top 5 favorite Homura cosplays so far.


Some korean. I don’t know her name.  I can’t even remember where I found the picture, it was in my Homura folder when I started selecting pictures for this post. But it’s pretty cute.


It’s kipi. Some of you might recognize her, she cosplays so many characters. Pretty face.  If only her eye color was purple in this, it’d be super.


Her name’s uri. That hair ribbon.


Kanda Midori.  Although she doesn’t cosplay characters I like much, she’s very cute.  Too bad there’s only a handful of pictures of her as Homura.


Satou. Easily my favorite Homura cosplay. Super cute ain’t she?  There’s a lot of pictures of her as Homu too, and most of them are good.

Now, hoping someone will cosplay her with the glasses. That’d be nice.

– Janyan


6 responses to “Homura Cosplay!

  1. #4 is uber cutie pie. It doesn’t exactly suit Homura.
    #1 is also cutie pie. And her face isn’t exactly right. So it doesn’t fit.

    As much as I don’t like Kanda Midori(Her nose and upper lip are really weird, or her eyes I dunno, and she doesn’t look nice), she’s probably the best. She gets the moody feeling down.

    #3’s hair is too dry and icky.

  2. Aah you look at how much they get the character down?
    I just like to look at them dressed as my favorites. I don’t think too deep into it.

  3. As Genshiken has taught me, Cosplay isn’t just about dressing as the character. It’s getting into the spirit of the character.
    But it’s true, if you’re cosplaying as the character, you should at least get the essence of their personaility right as well. You wouldn’t want Homura to run around doing something uncharacteristic would you? Like running around happily doing starjumps.
    You should think deep into it. It adds that extra bit to the cosplay and makes it feel better.

  4. Also, you can really only see the delicious legs and stockings on #5. #3 kinda. I demand more delicious legs.

    #4’s face is too cute. It looks shopped. Or like a doll.

  5. I don’t know, sounds like work. I don’t like work on my time. I like cuties in cute costumes, that’s been enough for me to make this fun.
    Delicious legs. #1 has pretty good legs too

    One’s face can’t be too cute. Should’ve shopped the eyes purple too.

  6. It’s merely a simple appriciation.

    Hmm, they’re alright legs., Wouldn’t say delicious.
    One can be too cute. If something seems too perfect, one senses that something must be wrong.

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