Me making Gundams. Yeah.

So the other week I put together a Gundam. Yup. It started like this.

That's how all Gundams start out as. I had a long night in front of me. But note my Chocolate Milk. In my Donald Duck mug. I was prepared.

 So after alot of hard work, and junk, I finished the head and torso, VITAL PARTS OF A GUNDAM. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, so you’ve only got the basic finished parts. Also note, it hurts taking the parts out of the cage things. My thumb got owieeeed.

Hmm. Is it me, or are my hands pudgy?

Then comes the delicious legs.

Delicious Gundam Legs. Somewhere, someone is getting off to this.

Then attaching the legs to the torso. Makes sense. Although I hate how you attach the legs to the torso. Little ball things, and you can’t get them completely straight. It’s annoying.

Ore wa Gundamu.

That bitch is pretty sharp.

The Gundam with the sword. The grip is in there really unstably. I don't know what they were thinking.

All that’s left is the SIX OTHER SWORDS, and fuck that. The one sword barely hangs onto it as it is, and the rest would barely go on. And it’s already a homosexual pink colour. It’s meant to be like that because of the GN particles from the Raiser Sword I guess.
Well that’s the Gundam.
Here’s a picture of foggy Wellington morning. I was amazed by the fog. Fog amazes me. It’s never usually like this. So I took a picture from the back way of my house.



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