Stuff and Stuff.

Well I haven’t written an entry in some time. I was busy, then I got out of rhythmn, and now I’m busy again. So whatever.
So, a recap of last season;
Deadman Wonderland=Sucked
C:The Money of whatever=Sucked
Hanasaku Iroha=Still sucking
Catching up with Ginama=Awesome.
So in conclusion, 30-sai no Houken Taiiku was the best of last season. Deal with it.

This season, I’m only picking up Baka to Test NI, Usagi Drop and Mawaru Penguindrum. Mawaru Penguindrum?

Yeah, pretty much.

I’m still giving it a chance, because I can’t even tell what genre it’s going to be, and Coaltar of the Deepers doing the ending theme.

Infact, fuck this season. Bring on Fall. I want my Persona 4 and Boku wa Tomodachi. And whenever Working 2 comes out.
And for some reason, I just really want another season of K-ON. It’s really something when watching current anime makes me want more K-ON.

Also, yay new sfp album, but too bad it’s going to the tune of their new stuff.


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