Hanasaku Iroha 16 and Baka to Test NI 2

As this series goes on, I wonder ‘How is Ohana so damn stupid?’. Now that stretches to Nako.

No seriously, what the hell are they doing?

Meanwhile, shit seems to be happening, yet it still feels like nothing happens. Something about shooting a movie at the Inn. And the ‘Young Master’ has a sis-con. Thus, because Ohana looks like his sister, that’s his flag raised.
Ohana wants to meet Nako’s brothers. That whore is never satisfied.
But luckily, the producers realised that you’re only watching the anime for the yuri.

Wet T-Shirt time!!!!

So yeah.
Now Baka to Test.
The main guy characters continue to get their balls squeezed by the bitch female characters. For something completely innocent. It’s not the guys fault. Just confess to them then you have an excuse for acting so bitchy when you see them talking to another girl. I can tell you, a guy wouldn’t hold this guilt trip over a girl for this long or this hard. Geesh.


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