Mawaru Penguindrum 03&04

So I switched to gg subs, because hey, I had to get them somewhere right?

Yeah. Okay. So it still continues to be fabulous and there are stars everywhere and I can tell what all the running gags are going to be.
Stalker girl finds out that the ‘target’ has a girlfriend/close friend. Shokku. But actually, if she was stalking him, shouldn’t she have found out about this? I GUESS NOT.

Yeah, okay, why the hell not, you're the stalker, you're obviously right.

Episode four continues with the stalker girl, going around with one of the main guys and the target and his squeeze with her fateful plan. Which is stupid. There’s some weird puppet cutscenes, and no SEIZON SENRYAKU! which is good. And she gets some CPR, does CPR really count as a kiss? I think no but whatever. Then her fate plan involves wasting some girl, thus the episode ends. It wasn’t her that wastes her though. The girl was part of some player hater club against the main character who’s a player but is only interested in his sister. Why are you so angry? People are dumped and relationships broken up all the time. It just happens.

I knew it. So that's what happens when you don't get off by yourself on an escalator.

And we still don’t know what the god damn Penguin Drum is.


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