Hanasaku Iroha 18

So yeah. It’s a Nako episode.

What, making dinner in the kitchen and looking after the kids? Sounds like what you should be doing.

We’re given a look at Nako’s homelife, where apparently she’s totally different, or ‘her real self’. We also see her parents, who debate proper parenting techniques, while not actually doing any real parenting. I suppose that’s why you have a older kid to take care of the others. And even you. Nako does everything. She even reads a bedtime story to her little sister which involves a Little Mermaidish story. But Nako spins it in her mind, so it’s a gruesome story in which she lets the prince drown and die, while she swims leisurely around.

I'll just let him drown. TO DEATH.

Then it’s payday at the Inn. Ohana gets hardly anything because she’s a tard, and Nako gets a lot. So they all decide to go shopping!
It’s at this point that all the males watching should’ve realised that they hate going shopping, either solo or dragged along by family/their girlfriends, and that you’re pretty much watching an anime version of that. Keep that in mind, while we play ‘WHO WORE IT BETTER?’

Or let's not. Personally I don't give a shit who wore it better. Celebrities suck.

The other two realise how sekushi Nako can be and they randomly grab some accessories to slut her up. While Ohana looks on in jealousy.

You can't Ohana, you're too flat chested.

‘Change’ seems to be Nako’s buzzword for this episode, so she uses this as a jumping board for changing her typical shy self.
Then she gets hit on.

Pretending to die of thirst while singing in perfect harmony. Best pickup method ever.

It doesn’t work, and they run away. How hilarious.
Nako realises money doesn’t get the change she wanted.
After some more shit, she’s called into the managers office where she’s told that the shy Nako is a good Nako.

And she's really happy.

And then that’s pretty much the end of the episode. Yeah.

This is the moment when Minchi realises that she's actually in this shit series, and there's still eight episodes to go.


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