Mawaru Penguindrum 5

We start with a random flashback to a typhoon and shit. It’s probably not important.
Then there’s that chick who got owned on the esculator. Her friend is there in her hospital room, comforting her, even though she’s the one who probably did it.

See? She even confessed.

Oh, taking things out of context.
Then she erased the girl’s memory with some weird red penguin ball slingshot.

The trio’s uncle comes around wanting to sell the house and split them up. Not in a evil dickish way, but in a kind, ‘hey you kids are kind of in the way so we’re gonna do this to make things more easier’ way. Kanda gets angry anyway and pledges to get the money.
Then there’s more stalker girl.

Even as teenage girls go, you're pretty damn stupid.

Bitch, that Montblanc ain’t gonna mean shit, because he got a bishoujo giving him one!

Annnnd fuck you look creepy.

And then while’s she’s wandering in the rain, drenched in melancholy ( I don’t see why she just doesn’t give up on him…), she meets Hiwari and they have delicious…curry dinner together, again. Then they discuss her diary. Typical Japanese dinner discussion.

Looked in on by Minnie Mouse.

Then she bitches out when she’s told that Hiwari is being controlled by a hat. Unreasonable reaction right? Then that FABULOUS SEIZON SENRYAKU scene happens with the three of them. And Ringo gets told something that most people watching would probably tell her.


 And she just shit talks Ringo for the rest of the scene. Until Ringo breaks the convention and rushes Hiwari, takes her hat and throws it out the door. And…Hat=Soul Gem, Hiwari=Puella Magi. It gets caught on the back of a truck, leading to a well done action chase sequence. And Kanda doesn’t equal Homura at all. Most of the scene was pretty painful.

Yeah. That looks painful.

He manages to get it, because the power of love overpowers all.
Hiwari is saved! And these penguins look adorable.

Awww, with their little doctor uniforms.

The last few scenes are Kanda talking to his uncle about how he deposited the money into his account, when he shadily got from a trenchcoat guy, and the enevelope had a penguin mark on it. That mark is the mark to watch out for. It was on the red balls in that girl’s slingshot, and on the back of their dad’s hoodie in the flashback. HMMMM.


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