Usagi Drop 5

Today I didn’t have my Bacon Sandwiches. I had pizza instead.

So this week’s episode carried on from the cliffhanger that we were left with last episode. Daikichi met up with Rin’s mother, who’s incidentally a mangaka. Who would’ve thought. Apparently the hectic life of a mangaka is too much to take care of a child. Although in general, she sounds like a bitch. She comes up with all this bitchy woman logic, to which Daikichi replies with the most understandable and most QFT line ever:


Apparently Daikichi’s mother also follows her logic. It must be a woman’s only thing.
Then we go to Rin graduating from kindergarten! Apparently that’s big shit. But I don’t see anyone get a job from their kindergarten degrees.
Daikichi starts pondering whether to actually adopt Rin and become her real father. He asks Rin, and Rin, being the sensible girl she is, denies his offer, saying her real Dad is Daikichi’s grandfather(….yeah) and that Daikichi is Daikichi. Daikichi cries like a little bitch.
One thing I noticed in this episode is either how Daikichi is a lolicon, or they’re slowly steering toward them getting together. Really weird.

I keep wondering who's the bitch in this situation.

And it’s Daikichi.


3 responses to “Usagi Drop 5

  1. How is this steering towards incest or loli con? He’s learning how to take care of a kid and become a father figure.

    • I probably read too far into the bath scene. And inviting her into bed with him. And the general holding each other.
      Blame my polluted mind.

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