Yeah. No posts for ages. You know the drill about that. Eh.

Recap of anime shit.
Last season;

Hanasucku Iroha= Sucked beyond anything. The only serious 1 I’ve ever given to anything. I’m sure the production staff were some kind of developmentally retarded/challenged. It just stumbled from one thing to the next, either it be episode, scene or relationship, it didn’t show how they got the drastic change between each. Fuck you Hanasaku Iroha. I’d write an article about it, but it’d be too much work, too much rage, and probably wouldn’t even begin to articulate how I felt about how shit it was. And the fact that it’s getting a sequel just fills me with more rage. Jersey Shore 2 is a more deserving sequel ffs.
Mawaru Penguindrum= Eh. Seriously, if I was paying more attention to the show, I’d probably like it more, but nope. They spent to long on fucking Ringo stalking and raping. But she’s getting her payback now. Episode 13’s ED was good. I really wanna watch Utena though.
Usagi Drop=Good. Enough. Come on animation of Part 2.
Baka to Test Ni= Fucking good. The first Baka to Test, on first impression is one of those typical moe lame comedy shows that are dime a dozen these days. But the first season was so good. But how were they gonna get a second season? Like this. They somehow did it. The second season was fantastic. Even better than the first. Best scenes are the HideyoshixYoshii confession and the whole of episode 11.

Now this season.
Hunter x Hunter= Don’t know why I picked up this generic long running shonen. I hope it to be a guilty pleasure put yeah. What evs so far.
Kimi to Boku=… seriously, why is NOTHING fucking happening? Even in a slice of life. Apparently it’s a Shonen, aimed at boys, but I can view the pairings already. Boring, unfunny, cookie cutter characters, but I’ll still keep watching it…for some reason. Seriously, it’s geared toward girls. They ain’t fooling no one.
Bakuman 2=Continuation of Bakuman really. Nothing really to say. Don’t know when they’ll finish it though. Manga’s getting good again though, after that fucking arc with the Shinjitsu Corp.
Gintama’=Fucking gold as always. Although there was a dip. But new arc starting next week!
Mirai Nikki= Derpy animation, but episode 3 really stood out. I was actually freaking scared. Stupid main character though.
Shinryaku!? Ika Musume= Actually kinnnnda good. For a typical moe comedy.
Tamayura ~Hitotose~=Damn, it’s actually good. New Aria in another setting. Feels good man. Calming, but it’s also cute girls doing cute things and eating desserts.
UN-GO=Only watched the first episode. Seems kinda….derpy…
Working!!=Such a good 25 minutes. I know when this arrives, I can just kick back, and I’ll be satisfied for the next 25 minutes.
Boku wa Tomodachi Sukunai= Pretty good. Damn sexy. Felt kinda weird with only the main three characters in the first three episodes, but the ‘rest’ are going to be introduced next episode. Kinda funny. Especially the date sim part. Still don’t get the deal with the main characters shoes.

There. Probably consistantly update again soon. Exams.
Now back to reading Robinson Crusoe…


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  1. Mirai Nikki has great animation, stfu

  2. Oh Sarcastic Loli.

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