Jormungand episode 4.

Okay, so we’re back to the crazy gunfight between Koko and co against Jaws and Chinatsu. It’s more pointless shooting, then WHAM big gun in the backseat and shake everything up. But, Jaws gets sniped and taken down. Naturally Chinatsu gets sniped. She gets away, vowing to KILL THEM ALL.
Then in the aftermath, Koko gets taken away by a CIA Agent, known as ‘Scarecrow’. He’s a dick. After some wrangling, Koko starts to return to the hotel, gets beat by Scarecrow, and spends some quality time with Jonah. The discussion they have there is quite interesting, musing on the state of the world and how wars are a top priority for most people, SOMEHOW. Koko realises her position as an Arms Dealer in all this, but fuckit yo.
Chinatsu comes back to fuck em up, but Koko is hax, and has already prepared. Thus, she can ask the all important question: ‘Why ain’t she wearing no pantsu?’. There’s a deep reason. lol, she aims better with no pantsu on. She gets killed and that’s the end of that.
Was actually a good episode, the second part mostly. The plot thickens with Koko Loco secretly revealing why she started arms dealing. PLOT THICKEN YO. She’s one bitch you don’t wanna fuck with.
Now, pictures!

Valid enough reason to kill every single motherfucker in the room.

lol just did.

Silly girl, you can't make cheese out of people. Milk.

You also hurt his feelings. This is a very serious offense.

You crazy motherfucker you!

You could make an action movie with all the missing they did too.


Yeah, shouldn't fuck with her.

The serious question.

And that’s that. Yay!


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