Two Kiwis just trying to battle it out in this cold dark world.

Me, Moimy, am Moimy. I reside in Wellington, New Zealand where I study English Literature and Japanese. Don’t ask me anything about both, because I only pretend I’m good at either. My hobbies include; anime, manga, sometimes gaming, music, being awesome, trying to be awesome, creeping people out with my MAL profile picture and long moonlit walks on the beach.


And I, I am Kiwimango. Now known as Janyan, which is my name (Jani) japanized, nyah. I like painting, drawing, art in general, movies, good company, anime, manga, fun things,  good food, good clothes, love and a few other things.  I’m also a bit ecchi sketchy one touchy, but that’s healthy.

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