Hanasaku Iroha 18

So yeah. It’s a Nako episode.

What, making dinner in the kitchen and looking after the kids? Sounds like what you should be doing.

We’re given a look at Nako’s homelife, where apparently she’s totally different, or ‘her real self’. We also see her parents, who debate proper parenting techniques, while not actually doing any real parenting. I suppose that’s why you have a older kid to take care of the others. And even you. Nako does everything. She even reads a bedtime story to her little sister which involves a Little Mermaidish story. But Nako spins it in her mind, so it’s a gruesome story in which she lets the prince drown and die, while she swims leisurely around.

I'll just let him drown. TO DEATH.

Then it’s payday at the Inn. Ohana gets hardly anything because she’s a tard, and Nako gets a lot. So they all decide to go shopping!
It’s at this point that all the males watching should’ve realised that they hate going shopping, either solo or dragged along by family/their girlfriends, and that you’re pretty much watching an anime version of that. Keep that in mind, while we play ‘WHO WORE IT BETTER?’

Or let's not. Personally I don't give a shit who wore it better. Celebrities suck.

The other two realise how sekushi Nako can be and they randomly grab some accessories to slut her up. While Ohana looks on in jealousy.

You can't Ohana, you're too flat chested.

‘Change’ seems to be Nako’s buzzword for this episode, so she uses this as a jumping board for changing her typical shy self.
Then she gets hit on.

Pretending to die of thirst while singing in perfect harmony. Best pickup method ever.

It doesn’t work, and they run away. How hilarious.
Nako realises money doesn’t get the change she wanted.
After some more shit, she’s called into the managers office where she’s told that the shy Nako is a good Nako.

And she's really happy.

And then that’s pretty much the end of the episode. Yeah.

This is the moment when Minchi realises that she's actually in this shit series, and there's still eight episodes to go.


Space Battleship Yamato! and what wut about the Gantz movie.

So I went to see the Space Battleship Yamato movie at the International Film Festival in Wellington tonight, being the weaboo I am.

See, my ticket and everything.

One thing I noted was that the majority of the audience was middle aged white people. I was expecting a more of a weaboo crowd. But I assumed these people just had 10-day passes for the festival, and were just going to whatever the fuck movies they could, regardless of whether the movie would really click with them.

A futuristic space battleship with a bishie head on it. Totally revelant to middle aged Caucasians.

It was your typical movie really. It really felt like the recent Star Trek movie, both kinda in story and visual effects. Not to mention the feeling that I was watching a Mecha anime, the most recent of those being Macross Frontier, what with the main cast being in a ship that’s under attack with the crew shouting out what’s damaged and status reports and such. There are so many anime like that, but there aren’t many actual live action movies from Japan like that.
So the movie starts with Earth Forces(They’re all comprised of Japanese people. I dunno. Maybe all that’s left are Japanese people) attacking the bad guys ‘in the Mars area’. Their most powerful attacks are useless, and the main ship is urged to retreat while the others act as meat shields. But on one of those ships is a certain brother. Thus, enter the main character, the brother to a captain on one of those meatshield ships. He’s…pretty typical as main characters go. He’s a pretty boy, he’s a rebel, a hot shot, and he has a problem with the captain of the last remaining ship due to the fact that his brother died. To add to that back story, his parents also died. So he has all that stuff going on. He collects scrap metal with his handy….R2-D2 thing. PROBABLY should’ve mentioned that the Earth is pretty much radioactive wasteland. Blame the bad guys. So collecting scrap metal is pretty damn dangerous. Also, he punches drug addicts for pretty much no reason.
One day on a scrap metal hunt, something falls from the sky. Turns out it’s this message from a far away planet promising a device to erase the radiation on Earth. It also knocks main character-kun out. Miltary peoples find him, and then he gives the captain, the same one who let his brother die, some guff, before getting knocked out by a girl.
So they announce a plan to go to the far away place and accept volunteers on the SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO. Main character-kun volunteers as he was a former squadron leader, and crazy stuff ensues with the girl who punched him out, who turns out is pissed at him for wussing out of the army when she really admired him, she’s hardcore tsundere, and with the captain and other crew members who all know the main character.
They start warping around and killing the bad guys and the main character being a rebel and playing by his own rules while putting the entire ship at danger, because he’s a rebel like that. Then the captain succumbs to his…cancer/illness/whatever the hell he has, they don’t actually explain it, and becomes bedridden and main character-kun becomes the acting captian. He is immediately put to the test by a bad guy attack, which initally is fended off until a stealth suicide bomber latches onto a part of the ship. He has to make the choice to shoot off that part of the ship with the crew members inside, or make up some miraclous escape plan. Lol jk, he kills them.
This scene just seemed off to me. Sure he hated having people die, and as a new captain he needed to be tested, but it was pretty much straight after he was made acting captain. A scene or two between that would’ve been better….
Then they’re all sad and junk, and the tsundere chick from before puts out with main character-kun, because for some reason she feels like boning the guy that made her kill around a half dozen of her own crew mates. They continue on to the crazy Engrish place but wait…


So this place is pretty much the bad guys home planet, and they get whomped the moment they warp there. They kinda escape, and devise a plan to get to the co-ordinates that were in the message that was sent to Earth. But wham, it turns out the Captain made up a lot of shit. Regardless, they still go through with the plan, many people die needlessly, and they reach the Iskandar which is just some crystal that possesses the tsundere girl and tells them that the Iskandar and Gamilas bad guys had a split when the Gamilas bad guys wanted to waste Earth in order to move their population there as their own planet was becoming ruined. So the Iskandar promises to go with them to restore Earth, they destroy the Gamila power source, more people needlessly die, and they make it back to Earth.
BUT, then the Gamilas is like ‘Naw, you may have won this round, but I’m destroying the Earth with a massive nuclear explosion. Take that’ and disappears. Faced with a disaster, main character-kun gets everyone off the ship and charges straight into the Gamila asteroid thing with teh Wave Gun for a happy ending. Yay.

So yeah, there were a lot of old people. So they probably wouldn’t have gotten the many tropes of Japanese shit. Many laughed at things that are just regular happenings. Like random stares. And the one scene that was really dramatic than anything else. Showed these old peoples maturity. Although I thought I was in the wrong cinema until it actually started.
Another thing that reminded me of Macross Frontier was the bad guys. They were pretty much a hive mind thing, that studied the humans weaponry and gained imperviousness after each attack. Just like the Frontier bad guys.
The CGI was pretty good, and I usually don’t like CGI movies usually.
So summing up, it was pretty good, but it was your usual sci-fi special effects movie, expect to see many tropes.

Okay, now the Gantz thing. When I went to the Paramount to see Space Battleship Yamato, I see on the schedule that numerous showings of the two Gantz movies are sold out, and more showings have been arranged. THE FUCK. Hardly any other movies were sold out, and two of the few that were had to be the Gantz movies. Okay, I haven’t seen them, but usually live-action adaptions suck, and I’ve heard it sucks, even more than the anime. Regardless, I won’t be able to tell, as I’m not free for any of the unsold-out showings. But HELL. Everyone in Wellington must be live-action Gantz fags.

MORE SCREENINGS. They didn't do this for any other movie.


And the other one.

I’m probably missing something here. Someone explain.

Oh well. Next up is Submarine on Thursday which I’m going to see with my brother. Arctic Monkeys and Richard Ayoade yay!

Yay! And Ben Stiller.

Hanasaku Iroha 17 – MASSIVE SPOILER

Blah blah, some character development for some characters you don’t care about, the movie not going ahead and oh yeah, THEY’RE BOTH DEAD.

Mawaru Penguindrum 03&04

So I switched to gg subs, because hey, I had to get them somewhere right?

Yeah. Okay. So it still continues to be fabulous and there are stars everywhere and I can tell what all the running gags are going to be.
Stalker girl finds out that the ‘target’ has a girlfriend/close friend. Shokku. But actually, if she was stalking him, shouldn’t she have found out about this? I GUESS NOT.

Yeah, okay, why the hell not, you're the stalker, you're obviously right.

Episode four continues with the stalker girl, going around with one of the main guys and the target and his squeeze with her fateful plan. Which is stupid. There’s some weird puppet cutscenes, and no SEIZON SENRYAKU! which is good. And she gets some CPR, does CPR really count as a kiss? I think no but whatever. Then her fate plan involves wasting some girl, thus the episode ends. It wasn’t her that wastes her though. The girl was part of some player hater club against the main character who’s a player but is only interested in his sister. Why are you so angry? People are dumped and relationships broken up all the time. It just happens.

I knew it. So that's what happens when you don't get off by yourself on an escalator.

And we still don’t know what the god damn Penguin Drum is.

One of the weirdest dreams I’ve had. That I can remember.

The other night, I had a weird dream.
I was walking along with some other random guys, and then we saw a room labelled ‘Bill Murray’s Harem’. So we went inside, as you do.
Inside was Bill Murray, and also inside was Natalie Portman, Kelly Osbourne and Meryl Streep. Or maybe Helen Mirren. I dunno. There were others too.
So Bill Murray comes over and starts talking to us. Then one of the random guys I’m with feels really down and doesn’t know what to do with his life. We all start to suggest things for him to do. I first suggest a Rockstar, but that’s shot down as are everyone elses ideas. Then I think, and I can see Bill Murray is thinking too. And then suddenly! I come up with it! But just before I said it, Bill Murray got in there before me.
‘You could join the Army’.

It was totally one of those ‘I was just about to say that!’ which I totally did say, in my dream. Then I woke up.

My Friday night ritual- Bacon Sammiches and Usagi Drop

For the last three Fridays, when I get home, I cook up some bacon and make myself some delicious Bacon and Hollandaise sauce sammiches.

And then I watch some Usagi Drop.
Unfortunately, I think the happy feeling I get while watching it is from the yummy in my tummy.
Everyone says it’s cute and good, but I’m just non-plussed so far by it. So Rin is the normal, non-stupid kind of moe, and it is an interesting premise, and luckily a situation experienced by someone else, but eh. It just feels incomplete, even for a slice of life. Yeah, the story is going somewhere with trying to find Rin’s real mother, but it doesn’t feel like much has happened otherwise, slice-of-life wise. It feels incomplete. Like a bacon sandwich with only one tiny strip of Bacon in it.

Although that’s not to say I’m not liking it. I don’t mind watching it every week, like most things I unfortunately keep up with every week.
So screenshot time!

Yeah, but in the morning I'll be sober, you'll still be adorable.

┬áKudos to the little 10 year old girl who’s voicing Rin. Good job.

Hanasaku Iroha 16 and Baka to Test NI 2

As this series goes on, I wonder ‘How is Ohana so damn stupid?’. Now that stretches to Nako.

No seriously, what the hell are they doing?

Meanwhile, shit seems to be happening, yet it still feels like nothing happens. Something about shooting a movie at the Inn. And the ‘Young Master’ has a sis-con. Thus, because Ohana looks like his sister, that’s his flag raised.
Ohana wants to meet Nako’s brothers. That whore is never satisfied.
But luckily, the producers realised that you’re only watching the anime for the yuri.

Wet T-Shirt time!!!!

So yeah.
Now Baka to Test.
The main guy characters continue to get their balls squeezed by the bitch female characters. For something completely innocent. It’s not the guys fault. Just confess to them then you have an excuse for acting so bitchy when you see them talking to another girl. I can tell you, a guy wouldn’t hold this guilt trip over a girl for this long or this hard. Geesh.