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Hyouka episode 2, a.k.a, Clannad, is that you? I hear Okazaki and Sunohara, but things don’t seem the same….

In the latest episode of KyoAni’s latest future masterpiece(okay, I’m a few days behind, but that’s not the worst thing wrong with that sentence) they solve some stupid mystery that’s not really a mystery. Unfortunately, I think that’s all the show is going to be. Leading up to some mystery that matters. Or something. All because Chitanda is ‘curious’. Someone find her a hobby.
There’s no real synposis I can give you. There’s a ‘mysterious’ book in the school library, they go to the library, new character gets introduced, they deduce over the book, main character solves it with common sense. Not really a mystery, and everything is fine. Girl is going to use the main character. Great. Could use some more tea and cake.

Now, pictures,

Where's the goddamn tea?

You know who else bought treats from home? Mugi.

There's that damn tea.
And disaster warnings.

Oh dear, you're in a Kyoani anime, we've been here before.

Just replace 'publish an anthology' with 'perform a live'.

Since the great Takoyaki massacre of '98. It was horrible.
But seriously, what school does that?

Encapuslated in this one scene is the eternal struggle between woman and man, a.k.a, the woman forever trying to get the man to do something he doesn't.

And then we'll talk about getting married. Even though my mother would be against it, I'll still go through with it. But it'll all fall apart when we found out we're not genetically compatible, and he's long dead from difference in life spans.


I'd like to think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle imagined Sherlock going around quizzing around like this in his stories.

And Moriarty just hnnnnghed to death.

For how ridiculously lame this 'mystery' was, the music that played during this scene was so damn tense.


D'awww =)

I'm calling that the 'mystery' this anime is supposed to be, is the main character unravelling that he's actually the lead in a Kyoani anime.


Hey, I've seen Harajuku, it could be. Weird fads.

Probably their vaginas.


Maid hnnnnnnnngh.


Them some murder eyes right there.

The horrific murder end has been unlocked.

KyoAni Hnnnnnngh.

And that’s that. Now for Jormungand episode 4!