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Starting up again, a recollection of this season’s anime so far.

Okay, I’m gonna start this stuff up again. And what better way to do that, than with my thoughts of the current anime of this season, the fine season of Spring!, that is for you damn northern hemispherers.

Moimy is watching,

  • Jormungand by gg
  • Kimi to Boku from HorribleSubs
  • Space Brothers from Commie
  • Tasogare Otome x Amnesia by UTW-Underwater
  • Nazo no Kanojo X by GotSpeed
  • Hyouka by Mazui
  • Polar Bear Cafe from HorribleSubs
  • Lupin III:A Woman called Mine Fujiko by Sage
  • Tsuritama from Commie-Fishing
  • Sakamichi no Apollon!!!!!!!!!!! from Commie-Commie.

And thus, I shall now deliberate my opinions on them thusly.

Jormungand which I was largely pinning to be another Black Lagoon(not that I like Black Lagoon or anything…) isn’t exactly so. Sure there’s a lot of seedy undergroundness, random/needless gunfights, Engrish OP,crazy mofos but it also just seems more like a normal anime than anything else. Just normal. And lesbians. But it’s probably going to focus on Koko mostly(HER NAME IS KOKO, SHE IS LOCO I SAID OH NO), with a little side of child solider-kun.
Kimi to Boku. Kimi to Boku.I’ll explain that with pictures.
Space Brothers. I like it. I read somewhere that it might be 40+ episodes, and I’m good with that. Nothing like realistic seinen for a slice of life/character development series. And anything that gives us an anime version of the Zidane headbutt is legendary for that alone.
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. Ha. I sense a little something off from how far in the manga I’ve read, it feels very off and skirty-aroundy-things- but it’s sekushi so I’ll let it go. Yuuko be a jealous maiden.
Nazo no Kanojo X. Ew gross. Spit. Why. Why did they have to make that a romantic plot device? Omg why. I hate bodily fluids. Otherwise, this is aite. Except for the heroine’s voice, which just feels a little jarring and illplaced.
Hyouka.I would love to sit in on one of Kyoani’s meetings. “Remember that one show that got us really famous in the first place? Well apparently we’re making a second season of it. I’ve got an idea. We’ll switch the art style to that other show that wouldn’t exist without the first season of this one. And we’ll keep the art like that for EVERYTHING” “YEAHHH!”
Polar Bear Cafe. The same jokes again and again. Pretty sure this is a kids show. For Japanese.
Lupin III. Damn yo, this shit be stylish. You know how you take a cultural icon and drastically change it’s presentation, and somehow it’s still good? Yeah, fuck you Michael Bay. But Lupin III be good. I can’t imagine how it is for all the lifelong fans of Lupin in Japan though.
Tsuritama. Okay, it looks like Kenji is back on track after….C. But I’m aiming to watch every episode of this drunk, and will blog accordingly so. Two episodes down and I’m still on track. All I remember is fishing, ailens and knots.
Sakamichi no Apollon. The fucking moneyshot anime of the season. Goddamn. It may be a slice of life, but it feels good yo. It those feels. And the OP single came out today. It’s good ya. I know you can say this about anything she’s done, but Kanno was good on Macross Frontier. When you can make music for pop idols amongst everything else she’s done….daymn.

Okay, the pictures.
Space Brothers,

Worth the whole anime.

Kimi to Boku.

I don't...

..understand how...




Panda Bear Cafe,

Says Moimy to all the girls in the club.


Yeah, okay. Jackass.

That. That. That cigarette looks weird.

It should probably be noted that he's bragging to some snipers he just shot down on a far away rooftop with an AK-47, but the scene before, he couldn't hit a small child who was running toward him, a few meters away. But whatever, I have Equilibrium on my harddrive.

"Yeah, whatever dude, stop trying to change the conversation. I know you slept with my wife"

And most of the people watching this on the internet have already identified themselves with one of these characters. Guess.

And that’s that. I’d post things about my misadventures at Armageddon and such, but meh.
Look forward to more posts. Yay.