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Starting up again, a recollection of this season’s anime so far.

Okay, I’m gonna start this stuff up again. And what better way to do that, than with my thoughts of the current anime of this season, the fine season of Spring!, that is for you damn northern hemispherers.

Moimy is watching,

  • Jormungand by gg
  • Kimi to Boku from HorribleSubs
  • Space Brothers from Commie
  • Tasogare Otome x Amnesia by UTW-Underwater
  • Nazo no Kanojo X by GotSpeed
  • Hyouka by Mazui
  • Polar Bear Cafe from HorribleSubs
  • Lupin III:A Woman called Mine Fujiko by Sage
  • Tsuritama from Commie-Fishing
  • Sakamichi no Apollon!!!!!!!!!!! from Commie-Commie.

And thus, I shall now deliberate my opinions on them thusly.

Jormungand which I was largely pinning to be another Black Lagoon(not that I like Black Lagoon or anything…) isn’t exactly so. Sure there’s a lot of seedy undergroundness, random/needless gunfights, Engrish OP,crazy mofos but it also just seems more like a normal anime than anything else. Just normal. And lesbians. But it’s probably going to focus on Koko mostly(HER NAME IS KOKO, SHE IS LOCO I SAID OH NO), with a little side of child solider-kun.
Kimi to Boku. Kimi to Boku.I’ll explain that with pictures.
Space Brothers. I like it. I read somewhere that it might be 40+ episodes, and I’m good with that. Nothing like realistic seinen for a slice of life/character development series. And anything that gives us an anime version of the Zidane headbutt is legendary for that alone.
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. Ha. I sense a little something off from how far in the manga I’ve read, it feels very off and skirty-aroundy-things- but it’s sekushi so I’ll let it go. Yuuko be a jealous maiden.
Nazo no Kanojo X. Ew gross. Spit. Why. Why did they have to make that a romantic plot device? Omg why. I hate bodily fluids. Otherwise, this is aite. Except for the heroine’s voice, which just feels a little jarring and illplaced.
Hyouka.I would love to sit in on one of Kyoani’s meetings. “Remember that one show that got us really famous in the first place? Well apparently we’re making a second season of it. I’ve got an idea. We’ll switch the art style to that other show that wouldn’t exist without the first season of this one. And we’ll keep the art like that for EVERYTHING” “YEAHHH!”
Polar Bear Cafe. The same jokes again and again. Pretty sure this is a kids show. For Japanese.
Lupin III. Damn yo, this shit be stylish. You know how you take a cultural icon and drastically change it’s presentation, and somehow it’s still good? Yeah, fuck you Michael Bay. But Lupin III be good. I can’t imagine how it is for all the lifelong fans of Lupin in Japan though.
Tsuritama. Okay, it looks like Kenji is back on track after….C. But I’m aiming to watch every episode of this drunk, and will blog accordingly so. Two episodes down and I’m still on track. All I remember is fishing, ailens and knots.
Sakamichi no Apollon. The fucking moneyshot anime of the season. Goddamn. It may be a slice of life, but it feels good yo. It those feels. And the OP single came out today. It’s good ya. I know you can say this about anything she’s done, but Kanno was good on Macross Frontier. When you can make music for pop idols amongst everything else she’s done….daymn.

Okay, the pictures.
Space Brothers,

Worth the whole anime.

Kimi to Boku.

I don't...

..understand how...




Panda Bear Cafe,

Says Moimy to all the girls in the club.


Yeah, okay. Jackass.

That. That. That cigarette looks weird.

It should probably be noted that he's bragging to some snipers he just shot down on a far away rooftop with an AK-47, but the scene before, he couldn't hit a small child who was running toward him, a few meters away. But whatever, I have Equilibrium on my harddrive.

"Yeah, whatever dude, stop trying to change the conversation. I know you slept with my wife"

And most of the people watching this on the internet have already identified themselves with one of these characters. Guess.

And that’s that. I’d post things about my misadventures at Armageddon and such, but meh.
Look forward to more posts. Yay.


Hanasaku Iroha 18

So yeah. It’s a Nako episode.

What, making dinner in the kitchen and looking after the kids? Sounds like what you should be doing.

We’re given a look at Nako’s homelife, where apparently she’s totally different, or ‘her real self’. We also see her parents, who debate proper parenting techniques, while not actually doing any real parenting. I suppose that’s why you have a older kid to take care of the others. And even you. Nako does everything. She even reads a bedtime story to her little sister which involves a Little Mermaidish story. But Nako spins it in her mind, so it’s a gruesome story in which she lets the prince drown and die, while she swims leisurely around.

I'll just let him drown. TO DEATH.

Then it’s payday at the Inn. Ohana gets hardly anything because she’s a tard, and Nako gets a lot. So they all decide to go shopping!
It’s at this point that all the males watching should’ve realised that they hate going shopping, either solo or dragged along by family/their girlfriends, and that you’re pretty much watching an anime version of that. Keep that in mind, while we play ‘WHO WORE IT BETTER?’

Or let's not. Personally I don't give a shit who wore it better. Celebrities suck.

The other two realise how sekushi Nako can be and they randomly grab some accessories to slut her up. While Ohana looks on in jealousy.

You can't Ohana, you're too flat chested.

‘Change’ seems to be Nako’s buzzword for this episode, so she uses this as a jumping board for changing her typical shy self.
Then she gets hit on.

Pretending to die of thirst while singing in perfect harmony. Best pickup method ever.

It doesn’t work, and they run away. How hilarious.
Nako realises money doesn’t get the change she wanted.
After some more shit, she’s called into the managers office where she’s told that the shy Nako is a good Nako.

And she's really happy.

And then that’s pretty much the end of the episode. Yeah.

This is the moment when Minchi realises that she's actually in this shit series, and there's still eight episodes to go.

Stuff and Stuff.

Well I haven’t written an entry in some time. I was busy, then I got out of rhythmn, and now I’m busy again. So whatever.
So, a recap of last season;
Deadman Wonderland=Sucked
C:The Money of whatever=Sucked
Hanasaku Iroha=Still sucking
Catching up with Ginama=Awesome.
So in conclusion, 30-sai no Houken Taiiku was the best of last season. Deal with it.

This season, I’m only picking up Baka to Test NI, Usagi Drop and Mawaru Penguindrum. Mawaru Penguindrum?

Yeah, pretty much.

I’m still giving it a chance, because I can’t even tell what genre it’s going to be, and Coaltar of the Deepers doing the ending theme.

Infact, fuck this season. Bring on Fall. I want my Persona 4 and Boku wa Tomodachi. And whenever Working 2 comes out.
And for some reason, I just really want another season of K-ON. It’s really something when watching current anime makes me want more K-ON.

Also, yay new sfp album, but too bad it’s going to the tune of their new stuff.

30-sai no Hoken Taiiku episode 5

Today in sex-ed class, we learn about friend zoning and that Sex Gods have their own perverse pasts.
But first….


Err yeah, why do you thinking he's covering himself from it?

Probably the most useful piece of advice from the anime, when you want to go to the sextoy shop with your other. Use this trickery.

Ecchi on a godly level.

Note, this is masturbation.

And this is what happens when anime characters masturbate.

And I think there were some Ashita no Joe references in there too. And they said ECCHI SKETCHY ONE TOUCHY! Whatever that means.

Hanasaku Iroha episode 4

So yeah, I was finishing the Yoshiwara arc, so took me a while to watch this. Whatever.

Okay, so they finally go to school in this episode, so we get a glimpse of what is outside the ryoukan for the first time. I’m surprised that they didn’t before, because THERE’S ANOTHER FUCKING RYOKAN just down the road. And it’s even bigger and more popular….shit seems kinda vital. They even have their own bitch grandma and jailbait granddaughter.
So they like go to school, and Ohana is popular, because she’s the transfer student from Tokyo, so that means she’s cool and fashionable. She’s saved by the gaggle(which includes Ritsu) by Yuina, the girl with really complicated hair who appears in the OP and ED. And I totally called it. She’s the most moe in the show.

We also find out that Minko is super popular at school. Who’d think it right? Everyone likes tsunderes at the school or they’re all disillusioned. Wait, they’re the second one. Yeah. Oh yeah, that Yuina girl? She’s also super popular, and is that hittable jailbait granddaughter from the other ryoukan! I know, plot twist eh? And she actually kinda likes the ryoukan business, instead of bitchin bout.
There’s some more Ko-chanxOhana junk, shy waitress and Ohana getting along, Minko’s romance dived into and then another bath scene. But no, it’s not as good as the one in episode 3. I know, what a let down.
But obvious love troubles are obvious. I sense it becoming at least a love square with Bitch Chiaki, Yuina, Tohru and Ohana. Or a Love Pentagon with Ko-Chan involved. I don’t care, some kind of shape combined with an abstract emotion. Like a hate rhombus.

So. Pictures.

This guy's got it right. How did we ever hate this guy?

You'd be excited for school too if you got to wear Seifuku.

The new catchphrase for the summer is....

Future plotline get.

Well send it. It'd be rude not to.


Ohanaaaaa! You think it being her name, she wouldn't draw attention to the flower thing. But I actually just noticed she always has those flowers in her hair.

I bet she's mysterious too. They always are. Just how one of the main characters always sits next to the window at the back. Basically every anime.

Tokyo! That makes her uber cool.

Doing random things for no reason while being moe=MOE.

There's your rival Ohana. You lose.

So take it or shut the hell up.

Okay Assface. You're happy now, Assface.


Say you want to sparkle. Do it. Just do it.


And I coulda put this in normally, but I’m gonna make it a mot.

Hanasaku Eroha episode 3

Well. Well well well. Hansaku Iroha. Finally we get to some good stuff.
Well continuing on from the last episode, Ohana has been kidnapped, possibly for some good ol rape. She’s tied up in the Japanese Masochistic style, even helping her captor with it(….yeahhhh). But he’s a failure and we get nothing. But wait, what’s that we see? It’s Ohana…in the bath with Chiaki’s bitch character…and the shy waitress….and..they’re going to teach her…damn this is hot. But wait. It’s just Ohana reading the author’s story. What. And then they go on to explain how crappy it is, while everyone watching it was thoroughly enjoying what they were seeing.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, more and more people stumble upon the author’s kidnap room, leading him to think of the prospect of tying some bitches. But then too many bitches arrive, so he is unable to tie all of them.
After it is discovered he’s been playing them all of fools, they hold a band/group meeting, in which the grandma insists the customer is always right(despite being teriffically wrong) which for some reason leads the author to steal their van and run away. When people are giving you a chance, you shouldn’t really push it.
After a wacky chase scene, lol jk there’s no tension in it at all, they even decide the next dinner menu, they go to the beach! Yeah! Beach episode! Oh wait, the author is about to jump off the cliff. He does, but then the shy waitress also jumps. They both die.

Jokes, she’s really good and swimming or something. She pulls him to safety, he starts working at the Inn to pay off his debt while writing a top-seller which would get him lots of moneys and then they all eat dinner at the beach! Yeah! And Bitch Chiaki calls Ohana her new insult which she actually stayed up all night writing and is generally disgusting. Kinda like calling someone a goatse.



Bondage. Yeahhhh.

And here we see the moment when rape becomes consensual sex.

Yeah. Remember, it's consensual now. She wants it.

It's called a 'fetish'.

Well she's already tied up, you don't really have to ask anything...

Confidence. Like a boss.




YESSSSSSSS! AHHH! Wait. Where did her head come from? Exactly!

Now for REAL fanservice, not the dream kind.

Now for some fanservice for the ladies,


Well next episode they’re going to school or something. So that girl with the complicated will be appearing. Yeah.

And kudos to the 70% of you who noticed I changed the name of the anime for this episode. Oh yeah.

C: The Money of etc etc blah blah.

So, here are with the second episode of C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.


It doesn’t seem to be making a lot of sense. We are bought into the episode with a fight scene, with Yoga taking on some other guy in a battle which I haven’t figured out the battle system for.


Yoga doesn’t seem to get it either. Which leads to random screaming.


And Yoga wins after his weird horny familiar grows some balls and just blasts the other guy out of the park, in a move I’m pretty sure can only be called hax.

And Boom goes the dynamite.

All of the users in the financial world are interested in this rookie. He beat a guy! Also interested is that guy who was introduced at the start of the first episode. He also has some kind of job, which includes money and business. Because who else has lots of money and actually work to earn it?
Well Yoga gets like 30 million yen, but he still works at his part time jobs for some reason. You’d think he could quit. I dunno. But he starts to see Black Money, money that has trickled into the real world via winnings made from this financial world. WHICH seems bullshit, because if that happened anywhere, the national treasury would be in a shitstorm. There’s a reason why treasuries only print a certain amount of money.
And then some gaijin wannabe pays for ONE can of beer with a 10000 yen note. Before I go on with the plot summary, let me present you with this. 10000 yen is 121.892 American dollars. If you’re lucky enough to find a store that sells a single can of beer, you wouldn’t pay for it with a hundred dollar note. There are lesser notes. ‘the fuck?
Anyway, this gaijin wannabe actually gets angry when Yoga gives him a large amount of change (WHAT?) but then that guy who was first introduced comes in and pays the guy to go away. Because I’m sure we’ve all got people who we wish we could pay to stay away.

Anyway, the pictures. Again. More.

I wouldn't want to be told that after waking up by this guy.

Look at how they're sitting. They're just like best buddies.


A normal man shouldn't have this look on his face while watching children play...

Oh yeah, because I paid for one small thing with a massive note, no that's fine. No, I'm going to kick up a fuss because of my own stupidity.

You don't 'need' it....you should just have it.

But overall, the use of CGI is really creeping me out. And the anime seems to have the affliction of noitaminA’s habit of throwing in English for stylish purposes.

Also, I notice a lot of searches for MEZZOFLATION, I looked Mezzo up, and it seems to be only connection to Mezzo Soprano, which means ‘Middle Soprano’. So Middle plus the Flation suffix as in i.e. Inflation. Go figure.