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Jormungand episode 4.

Okay, so we’re back to the crazy gunfight between Koko and co against Jaws and Chinatsu. It’s more pointless shooting, then WHAM big gun in the backseat and shake everything up. But, Jaws gets sniped and taken down. Naturally Chinatsu gets sniped. She gets away, vowing to KILL THEM ALL.
Then in the aftermath, Koko gets taken away by a CIA Agent, known as ‘Scarecrow’. He’s a dick. After some wrangling, Koko starts to return to the hotel, gets beat by Scarecrow, and spends some quality time with Jonah. The discussion they have there is quite interesting, musing on the state of the world and how wars are a top priority for most people, SOMEHOW. Koko realises her position as an Arms Dealer in all this, but fuckit yo.
Chinatsu comes back to fuck em up, but Koko is hax, and has already prepared. Thus, she can ask the all important question: ‘Why ain’t she wearing no pantsu?’. There’s a deep reason. lol, she aims better with no pantsu on. She gets killed and that’s the end of that.
Was actually a good episode, the second part mostly. The plot thickens with Koko Loco secretly revealing why she started arms dealing. PLOT THICKEN YO. She’s one bitch you don’t wanna fuck with.
Now, pictures!

Valid enough reason to kill every single motherfucker in the room.

lol just did.

Silly girl, you can't make cheese out of people. Milk.

You also hurt his feelings. This is a very serious offense.

You crazy motherfucker you!

You could make an action movie with all the missing they did too.


Yeah, shouldn't fuck with her.

The serious question.

And that’s that. Yay!


Hyouka episode 2, a.k.a, Clannad, is that you? I hear Okazaki and Sunohara, but things don’t seem the same….

In the latest episode of KyoAni’s latest future masterpiece(okay, I’m a few days behind, but that’s not the worst thing wrong with that sentence) they solve some stupid mystery that’s not really a mystery. Unfortunately, I think that’s all the show is going to be. Leading up to some mystery that matters. Or something. All because Chitanda is ‘curious’. Someone find her a hobby.
There’s no real synposis I can give you. There’s a ‘mysterious’ book in the school library, they go to the library, new character gets introduced, they deduce over the book, main character solves it with common sense. Not really a mystery, and everything is fine. Girl is going to use the main character. Great. Could use some more tea and cake.

Now, pictures,

Where's the goddamn tea?

You know who else bought treats from home? Mugi.

There's that damn tea.
And disaster warnings.

Oh dear, you're in a Kyoani anime, we've been here before.

Just replace 'publish an anthology' with 'perform a live'.

Since the great Takoyaki massacre of '98. It was horrible.
But seriously, what school does that?

Encapuslated in this one scene is the eternal struggle between woman and man, a.k.a, the woman forever trying to get the man to do something he doesn't.

And then we'll talk about getting married. Even though my mother would be against it, I'll still go through with it. But it'll all fall apart when we found out we're not genetically compatible, and he's long dead from difference in life spans.


I'd like to think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle imagined Sherlock going around quizzing around like this in his stories.

And Moriarty just hnnnnghed to death.

For how ridiculously lame this 'mystery' was, the music that played during this scene was so damn tense.


D'awww =)

I'm calling that the 'mystery' this anime is supposed to be, is the main character unravelling that he's actually the lead in a Kyoani anime.


Hey, I've seen Harajuku, it could be. Weird fads.

Probably their vaginas.


Maid hnnnnnnnngh.


Them some murder eyes right there.

The horrific murder end has been unlocked.

KyoAni Hnnnnnngh.

And that’s that. Now for Jormungand episode 4!

Starting up again, a recollection of this season’s anime so far.

Okay, I’m gonna start this stuff up again. And what better way to do that, than with my thoughts of the current anime of this season, the fine season of Spring!, that is for you damn northern hemispherers.

Moimy is watching,

  • Jormungand by gg
  • Kimi to Boku from HorribleSubs
  • Space Brothers from Commie
  • Tasogare Otome x Amnesia by UTW-Underwater
  • Nazo no Kanojo X by GotSpeed
  • Hyouka by Mazui
  • Polar Bear Cafe from HorribleSubs
  • Lupin III:A Woman called Mine Fujiko by Sage
  • Tsuritama from Commie-Fishing
  • Sakamichi no Apollon!!!!!!!!!!! from Commie-Commie.

And thus, I shall now deliberate my opinions on them thusly.

Jormungand which I was largely pinning to be another Black Lagoon(not that I like Black Lagoon or anything…) isn’t exactly so. Sure there’s a lot of seedy undergroundness, random/needless gunfights, Engrish OP,crazy mofos but it also just seems more like a normal anime than anything else. Just normal. And lesbians. But it’s probably going to focus on Koko mostly(HER NAME IS KOKO, SHE IS LOCO I SAID OH NO), with a little side of child solider-kun.
Kimi to Boku. Kimi to Boku.I’ll explain that with pictures.
Space Brothers. I like it. I read somewhere that it might be 40+ episodes, and I’m good with that. Nothing like realistic seinen for a slice of life/character development series. And anything that gives us an anime version of the Zidane headbutt is legendary for that alone.
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. Ha. I sense a little something off from how far in the manga I’ve read, it feels very off and skirty-aroundy-things- but it’s sekushi so I’ll let it go. Yuuko be a jealous maiden.
Nazo no Kanojo X. Ew gross. Spit. Why. Why did they have to make that a romantic plot device? Omg why. I hate bodily fluids. Otherwise, this is aite. Except for the heroine’s voice, which just feels a little jarring and illplaced.
Hyouka.I would love to sit in on one of Kyoani’s meetings. “Remember that one show that got us really famous in the first place? Well apparently we’re making a second season of it. I’ve got an idea. We’ll switch the art style to that other show that wouldn’t exist without the first season of this one. And we’ll keep the art like that for EVERYTHING” “YEAHHH!”
Polar Bear Cafe. The same jokes again and again. Pretty sure this is a kids show. For Japanese.
Lupin III. Damn yo, this shit be stylish. You know how you take a cultural icon and drastically change it’s presentation, and somehow it’s still good? Yeah, fuck you Michael Bay. But Lupin III be good. I can’t imagine how it is for all the lifelong fans of Lupin in Japan though.
Tsuritama. Okay, it looks like Kenji is back on track after….C. But I’m aiming to watch every episode of this drunk, and will blog accordingly so. Two episodes down and I’m still on track. All I remember is fishing, ailens and knots.
Sakamichi no Apollon. The fucking moneyshot anime of the season. Goddamn. It may be a slice of life, but it feels good yo. It those feels. And the OP single came out today. It’s good ya. I know you can say this about anything she’s done, but Kanno was good on Macross Frontier. When you can make music for pop idols amongst everything else she’s done….daymn.

Okay, the pictures.
Space Brothers,

Worth the whole anime.

Kimi to Boku.

I don't...

..understand how...



Panda Bear Cafe,

Says Moimy to all the girls in the club.


Yeah, okay. Jackass.

That. That. That cigarette looks weird.

It should probably be noted that he's bragging to some snipers he just shot down on a far away rooftop with an AK-47, but the scene before, he couldn't hit a small child who was running toward him, a few meters away. But whatever, I have Equilibrium on my harddrive.

"Yeah, whatever dude, stop trying to change the conversation. I know you slept with my wife"

And most of the people watching this on the internet have already identified themselves with one of these characters. Guess.

And that’s that. I’d post things about my misadventures at Armageddon and such, but meh.
Look forward to more posts. Yay.

Yeah. No posts for ages. You know the drill about that. Eh.

Recap of anime shit.
Last season;

Hanasucku Iroha= Sucked beyond anything. The only serious 1 I’ve ever given to anything. I’m sure the production staff were some kind of developmentally retarded/challenged. It just stumbled from one thing to the next, either it be episode, scene or relationship, it didn’t show how they got the drastic change between each. Fuck you Hanasaku Iroha. I’d write an article about it, but it’d be too much work, too much rage, and probably wouldn’t even begin to articulate how I felt about how shit it was. And the fact that it’s getting a sequel just fills me with more rage. Jersey Shore 2 is a more deserving sequel ffs.
Mawaru Penguindrum= Eh. Seriously, if I was paying more attention to the show, I’d probably like it more, but nope. They spent to long on fucking Ringo stalking and raping. But she’s getting her payback now. Episode 13’s ED was good. I really wanna watch Utena though.
Usagi Drop=Good. Enough. Come on animation of Part 2.
Baka to Test Ni= Fucking good. The first Baka to Test, on first impression is one of those typical moe lame comedy shows that are dime a dozen these days. But the first season was so good. But how were they gonna get a second season? Like this. They somehow did it. The second season was fantastic. Even better than the first. Best scenes are the HideyoshixYoshii confession and the whole of episode 11.

Now this season.
Hunter x Hunter= Don’t know why I picked up this generic long running shonen. I hope it to be a guilty pleasure put yeah. What evs so far.
Kimi to Boku=… seriously, why is NOTHING fucking happening? Even in a slice of life. Apparently it’s a Shonen, aimed at boys, but I can view the pairings already. Boring, unfunny, cookie cutter characters, but I’ll still keep watching it…for some reason. Seriously, it’s geared toward girls. They ain’t fooling no one.
Bakuman 2=Continuation of Bakuman really. Nothing really to say. Don’t know when they’ll finish it though. Manga’s getting good again though, after that fucking arc with the Shinjitsu Corp.
Gintama’=Fucking gold as always. Although there was a dip. But new arc starting next week!
Mirai Nikki= Derpy animation, but episode 3 really stood out. I was actually freaking scared. Stupid main character though.
Shinryaku!? Ika Musume= Actually kinnnnda good. For a typical moe comedy.
Tamayura ~Hitotose~=Damn, it’s actually good. New Aria in another setting. Feels good man. Calming, but it’s also cute girls doing cute things and eating desserts.
UN-GO=Only watched the first episode. Seems kinda….derpy…
Working!!=Such a good 25 minutes. I know when this arrives, I can just kick back, and I’ll be satisfied for the next 25 minutes.
Boku wa Tomodachi Sukunai= Pretty good. Damn sexy. Felt kinda weird with only the main three characters in the first three episodes, but the ‘rest’ are going to be introduced next episode. Kinda funny. Especially the date sim part. Still don’t get the deal with the main characters shoes.

There. Probably consistantly update again soon. Exams.
Now back to reading Robinson Crusoe…

Mawaru Penguindrum 5

We start with a random flashback to a typhoon and shit. It’s probably not important.
Then there’s that chick who got owned on the esculator. Her friend is there in her hospital room, comforting her, even though she’s the one who probably did it.

See? She even confessed.

Oh, taking things out of context.
Then she erased the girl’s memory with some weird red penguin ball slingshot.

The trio’s uncle comes around wanting to sell the house and split them up. Not in a evil dickish way, but in a kind, ‘hey you kids are kind of in the way so we’re gonna do this to make things more easier’ way. Kanda gets angry anyway and pledges to get the money.
Then there’s more stalker girl.

Even as teenage girls go, you're pretty damn stupid.

Bitch, that Montblanc ain’t gonna mean shit, because he got a bishoujo giving him one!

Annnnd fuck you look creepy.

And then while’s she’s wandering in the rain, drenched in melancholy ( I don’t see why she just doesn’t give up on him…), she meets Hiwari and they have delicious…curry dinner together, again. Then they discuss her diary. Typical Japanese dinner discussion.

Looked in on by Minnie Mouse.

Then she bitches out when she’s told that Hiwari is being controlled by a hat. Unreasonable reaction right? Then that FABULOUS SEIZON SENRYAKU scene happens with the three of them. And Ringo gets told something that most people watching would probably tell her.


¬†And she just shit talks Ringo for the rest of the scene. Until Ringo breaks the convention and rushes Hiwari, takes her hat and throws it out the door. And…Hat=Soul Gem, Hiwari=Puella Magi. It gets caught on the back of a truck, leading to a well done action chase sequence. And Kanda doesn’t equal Homura at all. Most of the scene was pretty painful.

Yeah. That looks painful.

He manages to get it, because the power of love overpowers all.
Hiwari is saved! And these penguins look adorable.

Awww, with their little doctor uniforms.

The last few scenes are Kanda talking to his uncle about how he deposited the money into his account, when he shadily got from a trenchcoat guy, and the enevelope had a penguin mark on it. That mark is the mark to watch out for. It was on the red balls in that girl’s slingshot, and on the back of their dad’s hoodie in the flashback. HMMMM.

Usagi Drop 5

Today I didn’t have my Bacon Sandwiches. I had pizza instead.

So this week’s episode carried on from the cliffhanger that we were left with last episode. Daikichi met up with Rin’s mother, who’s incidentally a mangaka. Who would’ve thought. Apparently the hectic life of a mangaka is too much to take care of a child. Although in general, she sounds like a bitch. She comes up with all this bitchy woman logic, to which Daikichi replies with the most understandable and most QFT line ever:


Apparently Daikichi’s mother also follows her logic. It must be a woman’s only thing.
Then we go to Rin graduating from kindergarten! Apparently that’s big shit. But I don’t see anyone get a job from their kindergarten degrees.
Daikichi starts pondering whether to actually adopt Rin and become her real father. He asks Rin, and Rin, being the sensible girl she is, denies his offer, saying her real Dad is Daikichi’s grandfather(….yeah) and that Daikichi is Daikichi. Daikichi cries like a little bitch.
One thing I noticed in this episode is either how Daikichi is a lolicon, or they’re slowly steering toward them getting together. Really weird.

I keep wondering who's the bitch in this situation.

And it’s Daikichi.

Hanasaku Iroha 18

So yeah. It’s a Nako episode.

What, making dinner in the kitchen and looking after the kids? Sounds like what you should be doing.

We’re given a look at Nako’s homelife, where apparently she’s totally different, or ‘her real self’. We also see her parents, who debate proper parenting techniques, while not actually doing any real parenting. I suppose that’s why you have a older kid to take care of the others. And even you. Nako does everything. She even reads a bedtime story to her little sister which involves a Little Mermaidish story. But Nako spins it in her mind, so it’s a gruesome story in which she lets the prince drown and die, while she swims leisurely around.

I'll just let him drown. TO DEATH.

Then it’s payday at the Inn. Ohana gets hardly anything because she’s a tard, and Nako gets a lot. So they all decide to go shopping!
It’s at this point that all the males watching should’ve realised that they hate going shopping, either solo or dragged along by family/their girlfriends, and that you’re pretty much watching an anime version of that. Keep that in mind, while we play ‘WHO WORE IT BETTER?’

Or let's not. Personally I don't give a shit who wore it better. Celebrities suck.

The other two realise how sekushi Nako can be and they randomly grab some accessories to slut her up. While Ohana looks on in jealousy.

You can't Ohana, you're too flat chested.

‘Change’ seems to be Nako’s buzzword for this episode, so she uses this as a jumping board for changing her typical shy self.
Then she gets hit on.

Pretending to die of thirst while singing in perfect harmony. Best pickup method ever.

It doesn’t work, and they run away. How hilarious.
Nako realises money doesn’t get the change she wanted.
After some more shit, she’s called into the managers office where she’s told that the shy Nako is a good Nako.

And she's really happy.

And then that’s pretty much the end of the episode. Yeah.

This is the moment when Minchi realises that she's actually in this shit series, and there's still eight episodes to go.